About Us

MODLIST - Your global destination for modest fashion.

At MODLIST we’re bringing modest fashion into the mainstream, providing a single destination for all women seeking elegant modesty. MODLIST curates collections from the high street and global fashion brands, such as, ASOS, Uniqlo, Joseph, Gucci and a selection of over 150 designers and boutiques.  We then add some clever technology to create a personalized shopping experience for each user so you can find more of the fashion you love and spend less time searching.

Follow your favorite brands and bolggers to receive daily inspiration and be the first to know about new sales and latest arrivals.

Projections on the size of the modest fashion market have been most strongly equated with the Muslim market, which alone is estimated to be valued at $484bn by 2019, however, the global customer wishing to dress more conservatively is a fast growing addition to this with some arguments that modest fashion is an evolution and the future of fashion.

“MODLIST is not just for those struggling to find suitable modest fashion from the mainstream retail markets but it's for everyone who simply wishes to dress elegantly”, says Muna AbuSulayman, who recently joined the company from MBC. “MODLIST provides a home for global fashion brands seeking to access this market.”

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